Decibel HD-TV Long Range Antenna Amplifier


Cable and satellte TV suck! Seriously does anyone actually use the thousands of channels filled with useless crap and infomercials? No! Yet we al line up and shell out cash money for access to local news channels and network programming we can get for fere plus 1 or 2 shows we could buy subscriptions to for cheaper than the cost of cable per month. 

One of the main problems people have is the old stereotype that over the air (OTA) broadcasts are really fuzzy. No one wants giant rabbit ears sitting on top of their TV stand looking like some relic of the 80s and delivering subpar picture quality and a whole lot of fuzz. The thign is though… that stereotype is completely untrue!

Actually, OTA signals have a much better image resoluton than cable and satellite broadcasts because they aren’t be ing sent to everyone on the subscription. They don’t compress their data, so you’re getting the full HD signal every time.  

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Decibel HD-TV Long Range Antenna Amplifier


The Decibel is a great indoor HDTV antemma and amplifier. Using this will allow you to pick up the free HD-TV signals from 50 to 110 miles away! The number of channels you receive is only limited by your location’s availability. 

It has an extremely falt deisn, so it can be stashed behind TV or subtle placed anywhere. It was also designed specifically to minimize aerial disturbances for a crystal clear picture signal. 

Here are some tips to maximize your experience. Check your Tv to make sure you don’t need a coverter to use antennas. Don’t use your amplifier if the signal is within 35 miles. Don’t use this near electric ovens, microwaves, heaters, and air conditioners because they interfere with the signal. 

One of the main concerns people had once they got past the reception quality is the price of antennas. Good HD antennas are expensive, right? Ah! Not anymore. This antena is extremely affordable and costs less than the average monthly cable bill, and the best part is – you only pay once! 

But aren’t antennas low quality and not powerful enough to get all the stations you want? Also, no. This signal can reach up to 110 miles away with the amplifier engaged, so you won’t have to miss out on America’s Got Talent or The Rookie. 

Antennas are a lot of work, though. You have to mount some huge, ugly antenna to the top of your house and hope it doesn’t get struck by lightning, then constantly rearrange it to make sure it picks up signal. That’s a bummer! As it turns out… this solves that issue, too! It goes inside, is small and subtle enough to hide right behind your TV set, and doesn’t require insanely complicated installation. It’s super easy to just plug and go. 


  • Includes digital signa amplifier
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with HDTV and DAB/FM radios
  • Small and thin so it can hide flat


  • Indoor antennas more susceptible to interference.
  • Won’t work around your kitchen, heating, and air appliances.



  • Frequency: VHF 170 – 240 mHz, UHF 470 – 860 mHz
  • Gain: 25 decibels
  • Current Consumption: 20 mA
  • Range: 85 – 110 miles
  • Impedance: 75 ohms
  • Voltage: 5V
  • 1.2 pounds
  • 17 x 15 x 1 inches
  • Includes 15 foot cable

Buying Advice

When you go for your first antenna, you need to make sure that you have doen research. While this is a fantastic antenna, it will require some getting used to and knowledge on how to set it up properly.

Make sure to check out which local channels you get and how far away they are. The TV Fool page will let you enter your home address and show you alt he nearby local OTA stations, what channel to tune to, what direction they’re in, and how far away they are based on a color coded range system. Green stations won’t even require you to turn the amplifier on for your signal! 

A few inches can make a huge difference when it comes to antennas. If you’re having some trouble getting a chear picture, consider changing where you’ve decided to place your antenna by just a bit. I tmight be just the boost it needs to bounce the signal over whatever is blocking reception from coming in clearly!

Amplifiers can be a frind or an enemy. While they’re great at boosting the signal, they unfortunately boost the noise and interference right along with it. For this reason, you shouldn’t use it uless you have to in order to receive your signal. If the oise gets to be too much, the same advice as above applied. Move it just a bit and you may be able to get the signal clearly without all the interfernce. 


Final Words

This Is a great decision for people who are new to cord cutting, antena using OTA signal TV users. It goes inside, so it isn’t going to be a giant thing that requires major m ounting to a roof. It’s got an amplifier, so you don’t have to worry about whether it can find the signals you want. Also, it’s extremely easy to install in your home and takes very little space. It isnt an old school antenna that will make you constantly fuss and adjut to find your clear picutre. It’s perfectly designed to reduce interference and deliver crystal clear HD TV for your needs. 

This is a great long range antenna. Unlike most long-range antennas this one doesn’t need to be used outdoors. It is small and subtle ad has been crafted specially for indoor use. It’s extremely user friendly and a much better deal than your monthly cable bill! Make the switch today and cut that cord! 

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