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The cable companies have been overcharging for too long. Streaming used to be a great option, but as soon as everyone started adopting Netflix and Hulu, the individual TV stations jumped on board. Now, instead of paying a small fee for all the great content you need, each different company wants you to pay that small fee for access to just their programs. 

A lot of people have gone old school as a result. Those local access network stations that you used to get for free before cable? They’ve always been there. They’re still there! You just need to grab an antenna and program it manually to get the stations you want.

Now, you may be protesting that you can’t possibly get that. After all, the antenna signal is based on being able to receive the signal from the broadcast tower, and you’re really far away from there. You don’t like living in crowded cities or overly manicured suburbs. 

Good news – it’s still possible for you to get access to these channels! It just means you have to be really careful about what antenna you buy and where you place it. After lots of testing, we have narrowed down the field of options to the 2 absolute best TV antennas for rural areas. 

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High Hoop 28 to 36 dB 360 degree UV Dual Band Outdoor Antenna with Stand


Our Rating

After a lot of testing, we absolutely love this antenna! It uses advanced technology and the highest quality materials. On top of that, it’s super easy to operate! You’re going to love this antenna from Hig​​h Hoop


  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Potable, lightweight, and easy to carry around
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Amazing long-range connection – 150-mile reception!!
  • Operates in all temperatures from 14 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Very bulky appearance is not aesthetically pleasing at all – super sci-fi looking. 

This antenna has a great set of specifications. It rotates a full 360 degrees, so you can grab the signal from any direction. The frequency is VHF 40 to 300MHz and UHF 470 to 860 MHz. It operates at less than 2.5 dB of noise, so it’s pretty silent. It’s got an antenna gain of VHF 28 to 32 dB and UHF 32 to 36 dB. 

The antenna range is what makes it perfect for rural users because it reaches 150 miles in range and receives all channels from 1 to 69. It’s got a 75-ohm impedance. The max output is 105 dB UV and a max voltage of AC 110V for 60Hz. It is powered using AC 15V at 300mA per 3 watts. The rotor motor input is AC 15 to 19V and it operates at 14 degrees Fahrenheit through 122 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The package includes a rotor, the antenna unit, a 33-foot coaxial cable, a boom, 5 directors, 14 screws, a power box (with a US standard plug), a remote control for adjusting the position, and a pole. 

The antenna is great at picking up signals at range, but a lot of times the long-range antennas offer lower quality pictures as a result. This TV makes sure that you get a perfect, crystal clear picture. It projects I High Definition thanks to a built-in gain booster and low noise amplifier. This antenna receives more UHF and VHF HDTV signals within a 150-mile range than any other while still offering a high definition picture in up to 1080 P. 

One of the other reasons it’s great for rural areas is because it can grab the signal from more than 1 broadcast source. This antenna can grab the signal from 360 degrees. The motorized rotation system on this high definition TV antenna can rotate itself around in a full circle to capture the best and strongest signals available. The best part is that it works with a wireless remote control, so you won’t have to keep climbing up to wherever you mount it and manually adjusting it every time you want to find a certain station or signal. 

If you want to run more than one TV set in your house, this antenna can handle that situation. It has dual TV outputs, so it is easy to plug 2 different TVs into this antenna. Just plug one into each of the dual output ports. This allows you to run 2 TVs at the same time without having to install any special adaptor or rig up a splitter and cable bundle for the house. 


It’s also pretty easy to put this wherever you want it. The coaxial cable is 33 feet long, which allows for a massive range. The size of the cable will allow you to mount this antenna to the roof of your house, so it can receive the best and most optimal signals more easily. Placing it up high prevents interference from your home, trees, or any other lower buildings between your antenna and the broadcast signal output tower. This is an ideal set up for people who don’t have their TV placed near a window. 

It is also extremely durable and very secure. It is made from ecologically friendly ABS and premium aluminum materials. The antenna is extremely safe, so you don’t have to worry about it when the lightning strikes. It’s grounded and very durable. 

Five Star 2019 FSA 5809 HDTV Digital Outdoor Antenna


Our Rating

This Five Star FSA 5809 I san incredibly awesome antenna for rural TV viewers. With a massive range and support for multiple TVs, it offers everything you could want!


  • It offers a crystal clear, high definition picture that is even compatible with 4K broadcasting!
  • Small, lightweight, and extremely easy to install and operate. 
  • Includes splitter for up to 5 TVs at home, so no need to manually split your signal!


  • The motor may give out earlier than anticipated, so antenna may need to be adjusted by hand instead of with remote control.
  • Reception may not work as well as advertised in some areas due to higher levels of interference. 

This antenna only takes a minute or two to set up, and then you can grab clear and perfect HD image quality for 1080 HD and 4K TV! The auto gain control ranges from 25 to 35 dB, so you can adjust the high-quality signal reception for optimal performance.  It even has a built-in super low noise amplifier that operates at 45 to 860 MHz and includes an LTE filter built in to remove any interference than 4G phone signals may cause and make sure your digital TV reception is free of outside noise.

This antenna includes a full band DTV, VHF, and UHF receiver. It supports 4k HD, 1080p, 1080l, and 720p broadcasts and radio. The 360-degree rotation ensures that it can detect the optimal signal in every direction and lets it rotate in a full circle o grab whatever broadcast you want to receive, offering up to 150 local channels depending on your location’s available broadcasting. 

The 2019 model now offers support for 5 TVs at the same time, so you’re not limited to 1 area of the house for your TV watching time. It even broadcasts FM radio, in case you need some background music in your home. Just connect the TV out cable into a radio for a perfect signal. 

It’s also a very durably made antenna. It is water-resistant, UV resistant, and windproof. Combine that with the easy setup and it’s a clear winner. It’s built with quality materials so it offers a better outdoor performance and the design is not only windproof, but it also includes a shielded cable connection so it minimizes any signal loss. 

The reception radius is up to 150 miles, and the additional VHF reflectors and long band allow 25% more gain area than any other model in its class. It even has 6 UHF elements in the design so you get more channels at a much higher audio and image quality. 

The antenna also comes with a pole so you can easily mount it. ON top of that, it’s also got a free installation kit. The 40-foot coax cable allows you to put it anywhere you want to, so you can find the best reception without worrying about how to get it connected to your TV. The kit also comes with a 4-way splitter so you can share the signal easily, and 15 cable clips to make it easy to keep things safe when you install. 



As you can see, both of these amplifiers offer a massive range of reception in 360 degrees, so you can pick up channels from any direction even in rural areas that are not located close to the broadcast tower. Both of them are extremely affordable models that offer longer cables, so you can easily mount the antenna to your roof for an improved chance of getting the signals clearly.

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