A Comprehensive Guide For Buying The Best TV Antenna Amplifiers

A Comprehensive Guide For Buying The Best TV Antenna Amplifiers

For those who do not know, the purpose of an antenna amplifier is to amplify the signals that an antenna transmits. Amps are not just limited to TVs; in fact, mobile phones, radios, Bluetooth devices, and numerous other gadgets also make use of an antenna.

Not only do amplifiers amplify the signals, but they also increase the sound as well, making them the perfect fit for TVs. 

Woman Using Tv Antenna Amplifier

There are many design considerations in an electric TV amplifier, which play a crucial role in the overall quality of the transmission that your television receives. There are often when your TV antenna is receiving weak signals. It can be quite frustrating and can ruin your viewing and listening experience. 

There are occasions when TV antenna amplifiers come in extremely handy. They make sure that you can watch television without any interruption or transmission breakdown.

When you look deep into the term amplifier, it is a general term used for any device or circuit, which maintains the characteristics of a signal while trying to increase the quantity of current.

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Product Name

Our Rating

Best TV Antenna Amplifiers

Winner: Winegard LNA 200 Boost XT HDTV Preamplifier

Runner-Up: Channel Master CM3418 Eight Port Distribution Amplifier

Alternative: PCT-MA2-8PN 8 Port Bi-Directional Cable TV Amplifier

ANTOP Antenna AT 414B HDTV Antenna with Smartpass Amplifier

ANTV ANTOP Smart Boost Amplifier

1byone 2019 Upgraded Digital Indoor HD Amplifier

Best TV Antenna Amplifiers

There are a plethora of companies that produce TV antenna amplifiers; some of them are good while the others are subpar. We have compiled a list of the best TV amplifiers that you should consider for your antenna.

Winner: Winegard LNA 200 Boost XT HDTV Preamplifier

The reason this amplifier is present at the top of our list just because of its efficiency and durability. You will find it virtually impossible to get hold of a TV amplifier as good as this. It is effortless to handle and has excellent features that are extremely easy to understand.

  • The power of this amplifier is +5 volts at 130 mA
  • The typical noise figure is 1 dB
  • The average maximum gain is 20 dB
  • The Twin amp technology
  • Separates the UHF and VHF signals
  • Reduced intermodulation provides a pure signal path

Mentioned down below are some reasons why you should consider buying the Winegard LNA 200 boost XT HDTV Preamplifier.

The Winegard television antennas are experts among the leading manufacturers and designers of the United States of television equipment. Winegard manufactures all of its products in the USA and has been doing so since the year 1954.

It takes consistency and quality to remain a household name for so many years, and with a history that dates as far back as Winegard, you can buy their products without having a fear of being ripped off.

Winegard LNA 200 Boost XT HDTV Preamplifier

Source: winegard.com


Once you open the box, you will find the digital TV antenna amplifier, printed documentation, hose clamps, power inserter, and 110-volt adapter. The best part about the boost XT amplifier is that you can use it along with a non-amplified antenna as well as a passive antenna.

The amplified clear circuit technology present in this amplifier is the best as it is significantly helpful in reducing dropout of pixels, signal dropout. In addition to that, it delivers more range, and the preamplifier dramatically enhances any non amplified antenna

Thanks to the presence of the Twin amp technology, UHF and VHF signals are amplified separately to make sure that the performance of your television on any outdoor non-amplified antenna is at the maximum. Not only that, but the amplifier also reduces interference and noise to the lowest possible level.

The HDTV antenna preamplifier makes sure that your antenna is available to increase its range and deliver more channels to your television with clear resolution.

Runner-Up: Channel Master CM3418 Eight Port Distribution Amplifier

This digital amplifier is a close second, and you should not take it lightly. It is relatively cheap considering its great features, ease of use, and efficiency. Channel Master is one of the leading manufacturers in the industry of telecommunications.

  • The operating temperature of this device ranges from – 40 degrees to +60 degrees
  • This TV antenna amplifier does not compromise on quality and fulfills the international standards
  • The Channel Master is famous for its professional-grade performance
  • Power adapter, 4dB gain per output (Keep in mind that the power inserter isn’t part of the package)
  • What makes this device unique is the fact that it has eight output ports
  • This device maintains a good balance when it comes to amplifying, as we all know that over-amplifying can deteriorate the quality as well

If you are looking to increase the overall strength of your signals, you will not find many better options than the Channel master CM3418 at such a nominal price.

Channel Master CM3418 Eight Port Distribution Amplifier

Source: channelmaster.com


The Channel Master is a passive return amplifier. In case you do not know, passive return television amplifiers are extremely common among cable operators for in-house distributions.

There are gold-plated precision machine F ports present in this device, which give us a good indication of how effectively it can distribute signals without compromising on quality. 

Alternative: PCT-MA2-8PN 8 Port Bi-Directional Cable TV Amplifier

The PCT-MA2-8PN 8port amplifier makes the alternative section of this list, which by any stretch of the imagination does not mean that it is any lesser than the two antenna amplifiers that we have mentioned above. It is unique in its way and as efficient and durable as some of the best TV antenna amplifiers out there.

  • Prevents image pixilation and reduces snow with the use of a digital code. It also helps in boosting the OTA signal to make sure that multiple TVs can benefit from the signals
  • The box also includes a white coaxial cable of 36 inches and an installation tool
  • One of the best features of this device is that it is easily compatible with digital cable and standard television services. Make sure that you use the amplifier on the output plug of the receiver
  • This device has eight ports. A single port can give your signals a +4dB boost which ultimately increases its strength
  • It is straightforward to install this device because of its ultra-small form factor, which means that you will easily be able to fix it in restricted and cramped areas
  • The package dimensions of this product are 5.7 by 5.4 by 5.4 inches

PCT-MA2-8PN 8 Port Bi-Directional Cable TV Amplifier

Source: walmart.com


What You Should Pay Attention On When Buying The Best TV Antenna Amplifier

We know that choosing products can prove a challenge at times, especially if you are buying them for the first time. However, do not worry; we have compiled for you a comprehensive list of essentials that will help you in making the correct decision when you buy your TV antenna amplifier. Mentioned down below are the guidelines that everyone should follow.

How Much Does It Amplify?

Well, this one is a no-brainer. However, you will be surprised to see how many people choose their amplifiers at random. Every TV antenna amplifier has a different volume of amplification. Therefore, you should be extremely shrewd in checking it out.

Read the product description written on the boxes, or better yet ask for a quick demonstration. Make sure that it is good enough to amplify the signal strength your area has.

Illustration Of TV Antenna Amplifier

It would be advisable to get hold of an antenna with the highest amplification irrespective of the signal strength in that space. The reason why we are saying this is that you will be able to get clear quality at all times.

Sure, you might have to spend a few extra dollars, but in the grand scheme of things, it will prove to be a deal breaker.

Noise When Amplifying

A visible indicator of low-quality amplifiers is that they create noise while amplifying. This noise is a big no-no. You should ask your dealer to give you a quick demonstration so that you can figure out whether the TV amplifier is worth buying or not. The lower the noise is, the better the amp will be.

The noise used to be a big problem in the past, the devices these days have significantly improved on this problem. However, there are still a lot of faulty devices that create too much noise, so it would be wise to check on them regardless of the improvements.

Does It Have Gain Control?

The gain of an amplifier characterizes how much boost your amp will be able to give the signals. This critical feature separates a top TV antenna amplifier from a subpar one. 

This reason is why we are stressing you to look for higher-end products; they are better equipped to boost the signals because of their superior gain control.

Does It Work On Satellite Or Antennas?

Make sure that the amplifier you are about to buy is compatible with your antennas and satellite. Buying a TV antenna amplifier that works on satellites as well will give you an added advantage, and you will be able to get the better transmission and more channels in your television

How Easy Is It To Install?

Most people face issues when installing the device. You should always prioritize ease of installation as not being able to fix your amplifier correctly can lead to difficulties. It can fall off the platform and break, or you might not be able to reap its full benefits.

Additionally, you will also be easily able to dismount it whenever you need to.  Ask the dealer to show you a quick demo on how to install and dismount the amplifier to make sure that you can set it up without any hassle.

The Frequency Of UHF VHF

Always check your antenna to make sure it receives UHF and VHF signals. If they do, buy an amplifier that is compatible with both of these signals. You will be blocking your frequencies if you use UHF and VHF antenna on UHF only signal or vice versa.

Technician Installing TV Antenna Amplifier

ANTOP Antenna AT 414B HDTV Antenna with Smartpass Amplifier

This Antop AT 414B HDTV Antenna is awesome. It’s an all-inclusive antenna with an amplifier so you get the best of everything! 


  • 360-degree Omni-directional reception
  • 4G LTE filter
  • 65 miles of reception range
  • Weatherproof – water, wind, and UV resistant
  • 4K picture quality
  • Smartpass amplifier
  • Noiseless digital reception

Our Rating



  • Extremely easy to install and use!
  • Discrete aesthetic – doesn’t look like a giant metal space ray!
  • Includes a 2-year warranty and 90-day money-back guarantee with excellent customer service!
  • Built-in 4G LTE Filter will block interference from 3G and 4G phones and wireless signals for noise-free digital reception


  • It may not work well in all areas, especially ones with large amounts of interference and obstacles between antenna and broadcast tower.
  • Not the best option for grabbing long-range signals in rural areas

This UFO antenna comes with a 360-degree Omni-directional reception. This means you don’t get stuck in a signal blind zone and you can grab signal even in weak and moderate signal strength areas. It’s a dead zone killer. You can use it outdoors, in attics, and even in RVs and marine transportation!

It is extremely durable and weather resistant. It includes a UV protection coat and is designed to resist weather issues on the exterior while offering anti-interference internal tech to ensure reception in bad weather. Even in a storm, you can still receive clear pictures from each of your channels! In fact, it is protected in any temperature extremes, rain, and storms, and even sow!  

The built-in 4G LTE filter will filter out any interference that may come from 3G and 4G phones and wireless signals. This means that you get clear and smooth pictures with a noise-free digital reception. Your 4K and 1080p pictures will arrive with crystal clear high definition!

The Smartpass amplifier offers the right range at all times. This amplifier makes it extremely easy to adjust the balance from short to long-range reception and it even comes with an intelligent switch that will automatically do this for you to avoid signal overloads. The overall range of this antenna with the amplifier is 65 miles in any direction. 

Antop has amazing customer service and they stand behind all of their products. This works well for you because it means that you have a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t like the antenna, or it isn’t working in your area, you get a full refund within 90 days. After that time, you get a 2-year warranty on the product. You can also contact them for any issues you might have, including reception problems, and they will offer their full tech support so you get the issue resolved quickly. 

ANTV ANTOP Smart Boost Amplifier

If your antenna needs a good boost, then check out the ANTV ANTOP Smart Boost Amplifier. It’s got dual outputs and is compatible with any OTA ready streaming device and all antennas. 


  • Dual outputs are multi-functional.
  • Smart boost system with built I adjustment dial.
  • 4.72 by 2.83 by 0.83 inches
  • 4G LTE feature built-in.

Our Rating



  • Compatible with all antennae and most TVs
  • UHF, VHF, and FM amplifier
  • Heavy-duty contacts screw on
  • Adjustable amplification options


  • It doesn’t work as well on antennas that have built-in amplifiers.
  • It enhances the noise along with the signal, so it may interfere with the clarity of reception.

The dual outputs are multi-functional. They allow you to connect this to both your primary TV set and a second device, which can be another TV, an FM stereo radio, or any other OTA-ready steaming device or projector. This is a great compliment to any media streaming device.  

The amplifier is completely adjustable, so you control the strength. You can also control the antenna’s reception power based on your needs, even location-specific needs. Turning the dial will offer the right balance between long and short-range receptions.

The device is pretty small and compact. Despite being 4.72 by 2.83 by 0.83 in dimensions, it still manages to be compatible with every single brand of antenna on the market. It can boost the OTA signal of any TV and the FM signal received by antennas. It’s also compatible with TV converter boxes and HD, 1080p, and 4K and Ultra HD televisions.

The built-in 4G LTE filter will block the signal interference from 3G and 4G smartphones, mobile phones, tablets, wireless networks, and mobile phone transmitters. This means that you can get a clear digital TV reception without any noise. This means you won’t have any frozen or pixelated images and you don’t hear that static buzz that noise creates.

The latest model includes the SBS-602B HD smart boost antenna amplifier, an AC/DC power adapter, 2 coaxial cables measuring 5 feet each in length, 2 wall screws, 2 anchors, and an instructional manual and user guide. 

This amplifier is a great way to upgrade your antenna If you live in an area that is prone to a lot of interference, like an urban area with tons of technology and skyscrapers. It works with every non-amplified HDV antenna, so you don’t need to worry about compatibility issues. It’s an all0i-one answer to anyone who has problems with consistent connectivity in their homes. The free coaxial cables are a nice touch, too!

The simple design also makes this one of the easiest amplifiers to use on the market. The antenna, TV, and FM ports are all equipped with simple designs that allow it to be screwed on and most people can get it set up very quickly. The contacts are resistant to corrosion and very durable, without being prone to interference no matter where this is placed. 

One of the great features this amplifier has is an indicator light. This indicator will light up when it is working so you know where your issues are coming from if something happens. 

It’s also got a large, user-friendly dial that lets you adjust the amplification of the antenna to low or high depending on the level of interference you’re receiving. The heavy-duty plastic shell is very durable without adding tons of weight or interference. 

1byone 2019 Upgraded Digital Indoor HD Amplifier

This 1byone Digital Indoor Amplifier was upgraded in 2019, so it offers even more power than older models. With HD signal and 4K support, it’s a great option for boosting your signal!


  • Perfect reception on FM, VHF, and UHF channels.
  • 47 to 230 MHz and 470 to 862 MHz frequency ranges for VHF and UHF. 
  • 28 dB of Gain, 75 Ohm impedance, less than 3 dB noise level.
  • Powered by USB power adapter (5 volts, 100 mA)
  • 4G LTE Filter

Our Rating



  • 2-year warranty and 90-day money-back guarantee 
  • It can be painted any color to match your room’s décor without resulting in signal loss.
  • Very easy to install, set up, and use!


  • Not the best option for rural signal boosting because it doesn’t have enough of a range boost.
  • It may not be that durable, as it doesn’t lay quite flat against the window, which leaves it vulnerable to splits and cracks in the plastic.

The amplifier was designed with smart boost technology so it can grab on to weaker signals and eliminate the obstruction that prevents you from receiving local broadcasts. It’s also got a built-in 4G LTE filtration system, so you get a pure signal with less noise and great picture instead of any of the 3G and 4G cell phones, tablets, and wireless signals causing interruptions and noise. 

It’s got an ultra-thin design that is super lightweight so anyone can easily plug it in and play. The setup process only takes 2 steps, so you can enjoy your HD channels much quicker, and the thin design allows you to install it anywhere in your house. This means you can lay it flat on a table, hide it behind the TV, or stick it to a wall or window anywhere. 

It comes with a premium coax cable. This lets you watch the picture without any compression in the quality happening. In fact, cable companies shave no choice but to compress your data, so you will find that your picture quality is actually significantly better than theirs due to coaxial cables not compressing the image at all. 

One of the awesome things about 1byone is their amazing customer service. This amplifier comes with a 90-day full refund policy in case you have any problems or it won’t work in your area. Once you’ve decided to keep it, you will get a 2-year warranty on your product. Their customer service agents will also offer technical support over the phone if you encounter any problems with reception or operation. 

This is also one of the more affordable amplifiers on the market, so for a very small investment, you can save hundreds of dollars ditching cable and grabbing local stations instead. Most of the local broadcasting stations are sending their signal out in HD or 4K quality, but the cable company is often unable to provide pictures that are clear due to needing to compress them to send to lots of places at once. This means that with the amplifier you’ll receive all your favorite local broadcasts in even better picture clarity than the cable companies provide! 

This amplifier installs in under 5 minutes. All you need to do is plug the coaxial cable into your TV’s coax port, then set your TV to receive via antenna mode. After that, you just do a scan for the available channels. The `16.5-foot coaxial cable will eve let you put the antenna really high on your wall or closer to windows so you get the best possible reception. 



A lot of antennae come with built-in splitters so you can use them with multiple TV sets. Those that don’t can still be split, but doing so will also weaken the signal strength to each TV. The more TVs you try to give access, the more the signal will fade.

If your antenna doesn’t have a splitter, then consider buying an amplifier that includes a splitter. Passive splitters will drop the signal level when it’s split, but amplifiers with splitters will amplify the signal above the original signal level, which will make up for the fact that the signal is being split across several TV sets. 

Where Can You Place It

When it comes to signal, location is everything. TV antennas need to be placed in an elevated area so they can gain the maximum possible signal with less interference. The same thing is true of amplifiers. A lot of them will plug right into your TV, and others will plug into your antenna. 

You need to make sure that your amplifier comes with enough cable to install it in the right place, whether you want to stick it in a window or up on the roof with your antenna. Many of them will screw into antennas. 

Internal or External?

A lot of boosters and antenna amplifiers are made specifically for use indoors only. They have a regular cable entry point and exposed power leads. External use amplifiers will have a power supply located near our TV set that transfers power up the antenna coaxial lead. The unit will need to be waterproof so it can withstand storms and day to day moisture. Any moisture that makes it into the amplifier will start to damage it, and it will end up failing as a result. 

Can It Go Near Your Antenna?

Ultimately, the best place to put your booster is near your antenna. This means you will need to find a booster that can be placed with your antenna. The more a signal has to travel along a cable, the more it reduces its strength, which means that if you split your antenna and amplifier further down the road, the noise level will be increased along with your signal. Amplifying it close to the antenna will prevent the noise from coming through as loudly as the signal. 


This comprehensive buying guide discusses TV antenna amplifiers in complete detail. If you were unclear on the amps, you probably know the essential information about them now as you will be able to find a list of some of the best TV antenna amplifiers that we recommend.

You can also read about the different features of these products as well. Choosing products will now become infinitely more manageable for you as we have given a list of factors that you should consider before you plan to buy a TV antenna amplifier.



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